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DC Hydrocoating Vapour Permiability

Normal organic coatings like epoxy, urethane, and acrylic are composed of plastic films which do not allow for vapour to pass through its chemical composition.  The greater the film thickness, the more vapour entrapment occurs. This creates pressure that ultimately results in coating systems failure known as delaminating.

Delamination typically manifests as blistering and/or flaking of the coating.  Usually, the higher the mil build of the coating, the more crucial that the relative humidity (RH) of the concrete remain very low.

With DC Hydrocoating’s ability to breathe moisture vapour through its solid film, vapour pressure is eliminated.  Its highly solid coating is comprised of innovated chemistry that is moisture wicking and impacts resistance composition. It has the best properties of epoxy and urethane, without the negative elements of these systems.

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