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Designer Concrete® has been developed to perform better than traditional concrete overlay systems.  Its flexible strength of up to 3,000 PSI greatly reduces cracking— making it a game changer in the industry.

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Designer Concrete® Overlay

designer concrete product

Faster installation, faster cure time, faster project completion.

Designer Concrete® flexible overlay system is a uniquely formulated concrete topping designed to bond to existing surfaces, including damaged concrete substrates, tile, vinyl, and carpet, and polished unlimited finishes for interior and exterior space.
Our dedicated team of professionals has developed expertise in installation and design using Designer Concrete® overlay system to achieve unmatched, finished results for all types of projects.

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Designer Concrete® overlay system can be used to fast-track your project, saving you time and money.  The benefits of using Designer Concrete® include:

  • installs 3x faster than traditional concrete overlay systems
  • can be grinded within 24 hrs of installation
  • requires 50% less polishing steps
  • fewer polishing processes means less labour and less costs of diamond polishing tools


Its unique strength and flexibility can adapt to substrate movements making it easier to install on most surfaces.

Designer Concrete® overlay can be:

  • installed at different slab thickness without compromising its durability
  • poured on-site over small and large square footage to achieve seamless, continuous and levelled application
  • bonded over most surfaces, including plywood, tile, concrete, sound mat, and even distressed substrates without needing costly floor removals


Choose from a white finish, beige or gray shades, to a charcoal tone.  We can create a variety of styles and designs to meet your specifications. Using the right techniques, Designer Concrete® can be made to resemble:

travertine  |  marble  |  granite  |  solid surface  |  terrazzo

The final surface finish can be smooth, honed polished, leathered, and more.  The options are truly limitless!


Designer Concrete®’s flexible compound has 3 times more bend strength than any regular substrates that adapt to movements making it easier and faster to install over any area.


There’s no need to spend time removing old surfaces. Our product can be poured-in-place over existing concrete, tile, and even hardwood.


Can be combined with Hydrocoating or similar top-coat and sealants to maintain a safe and environmentally friendly floor to control surface delamination and prevent allergens.


Designer Concrete® can achieve seamless designs in various colours that look and feels like polished concrete, terrazzo, and even marble stones.


Talk to us about using Designer Concrete products for your next project.