Muji Robson

Designer Concrete was installed on Muji’s North American Flagship store on Robson Street.  The initial specification was revised due to the fast-tracked timeline of the project. The total space was 16,000 sq of retail space that needed to be completed within 8 weeks from demolition schedule. The 6,000 sq ft footprint of the store was on a suspended slab which required leveling with 1″ of our product. Designer Concrete was poured on top of the existing tile and vinyl that was still present in some areas of the space.  A portion of the area in front of the windows was built up with a hollow plywood substrate to run electrical through. The product was poured on seamlessly without needing any control joints, seams, or grout.  Our overlay system can be designed for frequent or heavy usage similarly to Muji’s daily traffic in the excess of 1,000 people each week.


  • 2018


  • Muji Robson


  • Vancouver, BC